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Art Canvas Pure Cotton


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 The product coated pure cotton fabric, with matt water-proof coating, fit for all ink jet machine. Compatible to dye, pigmen and eco-solvent. 

Description & Specification of the product we supply as belows: 
1. Banner Fabric Matt(waterproof)wp-150bfm: Polyester, 110g; 
2. Art Silk Fabric Matt(waterproof)wp-150sfm: Polyester, 120g; 
3. Art Canvas(waterproof): Polyester, 240g, 220g, 240g, 420g; 
4. Art Canvas Matt/Pure cotton(waterproof): Cotton, 270g, 380g; 
5. Art Canvas Matt/Pure cotton(non-waterproof): Cotton, 355g, 380g; 
6. Inkjet Silk Fabric TF-150gn: Polyester, 120g; 
7. Velvet White Canvas(non-waterproof)hy-140rfm: Art silk fabric, 140g; 
8. High Glossy Fibre Canvas hy-lmb: Hemp fabric, 360g; 
9. Scroll Banner Cloth for Eco-solvent sol-tfb: Fabric, 135g; 
10. High Glossy Fibre Canvas for Eco-solvent sol-gvm: Fibre canvas, 230g; 
11. High Glossy Fibre Solvent Art Canvas Pure Cotton sol-gac: Pure cotton canvas, 330g. 
Width: 0.61, 0.914, 1.07, 1.27, 1.52m
Length: 18, 30m
Inner packing: 
Our standard packing (from inside to outside): White paper, transparent PET film, black PE plastic bag (with an English instruction inside), plastic covers in each side of the roll to keep the black PE plastic bag and a pack of desiccant in the paper pipeDimensions: 0.914 x 30m, 1.07 x 30m, 1.27 x 30m, 1.52 x 30m
Outer packing: 
Yellow carton with marks (depending on customer's requirements)

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