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Low Iron Solar Glass


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Low iron solar glass is the new generation of glass for solar modules. The glass observes the properties of high solar transmittance, superior physical strength and significant flatness.  Besides, with other performances and specifications equal to or better than those of similar products on global market, the products will adequately meet the solar industries booming demands on high quality low iron glass. Therefore, the solar modules manufacturers’ competitive ability will tremendously hike in solar energy markets.
low iron solar glass, patterned glass with excellent performance on high solar transmittance, low absorbance, low reflectance and low iron content, is the ideal encapsulation material for solar thermal and photovoltaic modules.
To meet customers’ diverse requirements, 3 series of low iron solar glass:
Anti-reflective Coating


1.       Thickness:2.5mm~10mm;Standard thickness 3.2mm and 4.0mm
2.Thickness Tolerance: 3.2mm±0.20mm;4.0mm±0.30mm; tolerance for other thickness should be confirmed by the seller and buyer
3.Max size:2250mm×3300mm
4.Solar Transmittance (3.2mm):≥91.6-95%      
5.Iron Content:≤120ppm Fe2O3
6.Poisson’s Ratio:0.2
7.Density:2.5 g/cc
8.Young’s Modulus:73 GPa
9.Tensile Strength:42 MPa
10.Hemispherical Emissivity:0.84
11.Expansion Coefficient:9.03x10-6/℃
12.Softening Point:720 ℃
13.Annealing Point:550 ℃
14.Strain Point:500 ℃


Low-iron patterned solar glass, combined with nanometer anti-reflective coating technology, is applied for solar modules. It increases solar transmittance by way of decreasing light reflectance, thus increasing the solar cell efficiency.  Besides, it reduces the reflection of the glass and the pollution caused by the reflectance to the environment.  The super water-wet behavior of the coating could in some degree protect the dust and dirt from shading the light and improve the self-cleaning of the glass so that the solar cell could maintain high efficiency. Light Transmittance:Increase by above 2%(400-1100nm)Module Output:Increase by above 2%


Thickness:2.5mm-10mm;Tempered Min 2.8mm;
Maximum size(Thickness 3.2mm):1700mm×2000mm
Solar Transmittance Plus(3.2mm):≥91.6-95%


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