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Fire-proof Glass


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Compared to the traditional grouting glass or laminated glass,
the weathering resistance and barrier property feature largely in
single-plate flameproof glass. Under ultraviolet radiation, this
glass will not change like common glass. At present, there are
many kinds of glass used in modern architecture, for example,
tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, float glass,
coated glass etc. These glasses possess different performance
but they are all incapable of being heat resistance and fire proof.
Once fire occurs, they will break down in a short term and thus
help the spread of the fire by which the personal life and property
safety will be threaten badly. However, high strength single-plate
flameproof glass is a kind of fireproof glass and can be used in
curtain wall as well as door and window of architecture. It is made
by processing float glass with physical and chemical methods. It
will keep no bursting and cracking for 96-183 minutes in the
flame of 1000 temperature. so that it can effectively stop the spread of fire and smog and thus obtain valued time for people to leave the site and fight the fire. It conquers the fatal weaknessbad fireproof and
safety performance of common glass external wall, and improves
largely the safety coefficient of glass external wall. Besides that,
it also enjoys an admirable strength. In the condition of same
thickness, its strength is 6-12 times than float glass and 1.5-3
times than tempered glass. It can be used for indoor fireproofing
obstruct and escape passage with single-plate using area
reaching 2000×3000 (mm). The time of resisting fire can be more than 3 hours.

Features of flameproof glass

·        Optical propertyit has light permeability like common

·        Non-flame propertyit is capable of stopping the
spread of flame because its fireproofing body is of
non-flammable material.

·        Thermal insulating propertyits conductivity factor is
very low, and it can absorb a great deal of heat to
reduce effectively heat radiation and heat transfer.
Safetywhen it breaks down due to suffering fire, it is
capable of bonding cracked sheet glass to ensure its
integrity and no any damage on people.

·        Sound insulating propertyit effectively reduces the
transmission of sound wave and noise.
Applicable scope of flameproof glass

·        It widely applies to hotel, cinema, bank, hospital,
large-sized shopping mall, large-sized recreation
ground, exhibition center etc.


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