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LOW-E Glass


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Low-emission glass (Low-E) is a clear glass, it has a microscopically-thin coating of metal oxide. This allows the sun's heat and light to pass through the glass into the building. At the same time it blocks heat from leaving the room, reducing heat loss considerably. which leads to a good heat insulation performance.

Off-line LOW-E Glass (magnetron process): is a clear glass which has received, on one of its faces, a silver coating applied by magnetically-enhanced cathodic sputtering. This type of Low-E must be used exclusively in insulating glass, with the coating on an internal face. It can be tempered and laminated.

Product Features:


·    Higher Visible Light Transmittance, effecting in excellent natural illumination, avoiding Light Pollution.

·    Higher Solar Heat Transmittance, allowing solar heat to pass through in winter to increase the indoor temperature. It's suitable for cold northern area.

·    High Medium-Far Infrared Reflectance, effecting in good heat insulation performance, lower U value (diathermanous coefficient). The Far Infrared of indoor heat, home appliances, and body are blocked and reflected back, thus decreasing the waste of heating energy.

·    Energy saving effect will be perfect when made of insulated glass units (Film is on #3 surface).
Solar Control Low-E Glass

Product Features :

·    Proper Visible Light Transmittance with good shield to outside strong light.

·    Lower solar heat transmittance, effectively blocking the solar heat gain from outside

·    Higher Medium-Far Infrared Reflectance, preventing 2nd heat radiation from outside.

·    The effect will be perfect when made of insulated glass units.

Double Silver Low-E Glass
Product Feature :
Double Silver Low-E glass, just as its name, has two layers of Ag in its coating film. It's high-level Low-E with complex Low-E film structure. It enhances the shield effect to solar heat, combining the high transparence of visible light and low transmission of solar heat. Comparing to normal Low-E glass, with the same visible light transmittance, it has lower solar heat transmittance.


Triple Silver Low-E Glass
Within the coating structure of triple silver Low-E glass, there are three silver layers. As a result, triple silver Low-E glass performs better against solar heat than double silver Low-E glass and is currently the best silver based Low-E glass in terms of high visible light transmission and energy efficiency. Triple silver Low-E glass is suited for high transparency buildings with special solar shading requirement

Bendable and Post-Temparable Low-E Glass
Ordinary Low-E glass cannot be bent and post-tempered after coating which limits larger scale application of Low-E glass and promotion of energy efficient buildings. In view of the prevailing conditions and economic development in China, Low-E coatings made of new materials which can be bent and post-tempered after coating to meet the need of curved Low-E glass in current architectural design practice. The new Low-E glass has been widely used in a number of large buildings home and abroad


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